Installing EP without root access

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This document is still under development. The long term plan is to make it easier to run EP without root accesss. Right now it is possible but a little tricky.

You will at least need to get RApache running, so you'll have to be able to modify the Apache config files. There is not really any way around that, except maybe if you just want to run the back end.

The main problems after that will be getting things into the path of the CGI user.

It is helpful to modify your apache config file as follows. The line

 REvalOnStartup "library(RMySQL); library(Hmisc);"

should be changed to this ugly thing (just one line):

 REvalOnStartup "library(RMySQL); library(Hmisc); Sys.setenv(PATH=paste(sep=\":\",\"/ifs/data/columbia/tm_lab/so2346/EP_home\", Sys.getenv(\"PATH\"))); Sys.setenv(PERL5LIB=paste(sep=\":\",\"/opt/perl/lib/perl5\", Sys.getenv(\"PERL5LIB\")));"

If you wrote it out as a well formatted R script it would look like this: