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This tool creates barplots showing the levels of a requested gene across different samples. For microarray data it shows hybridization intensities in each sample, and for RNA-Seq data it shows the RPKM values along with Poisson error bars, which indicate the error in the RPKM measurement from that one sample.

genelev options
Set The project you would like to analyze.
Gene The symbol of the gene whose expression you want to visualize. If you are having trouble finding your gene, look up the official symbol at If multiple genes match your request then you will be presented with a list of matches from which to choose your gene.
Y-max <math>y</math> value cutoff for top of plot. Default is to scale the plot to contain all the data.
width Width of the image in pixels
height Height of the image in pixels
Bottom Mar (in.) Bottom margin in inches. The sample names appear at the bottom of the plot, under the bars, so sometimes it's handy to adjust the amount of space there so they don't get clipped off.
Log Scale Check this box to plot levels using a log scale instead of the default linear scale.