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In contrast to the correlation tools, which allows you to compare all-versus-all transcriptional profiles, and the heatmap tool, which allows you to compare all-versus-all change profiles, this tools allows you to visualize either the levels (or fold-changes) of a set of genes in all of your samples (or comparisons).

You supply the list of IDs, which could also be for alternative splicing events.

This tool offers some functionality but is still under development as of version 0.1.

event_heatmap Options
Set Name of project and type of event whose levels or changes you would like to plot. In version 0.1, the event types must be the same in each row,

however in future versions they will be mapped, if possible, onto the first row.

Limit Default is to plot all samples (or comparisons). If you have a lot the plot can get messy, so you can specify a limit here

by inputting some text, and only samples (or comparisons) whose names contain that text will be plotted. For example, your samples might be have wildtype and mutant at different time points, with names like WT_1h, MT_3h, etc. To only plot the distributions for the wildtypes you can supply the text "WT" for the limit, and to only plot the 3 hour time point you could supply the text "3h" for the limit.

The limit is actually interpreted as a (Perl) regular expression, so you can use the full power of that engine to specify sample (or comparison) subsets.

+/- Clicking "+" adds another "set" row, allowing you to add another project or event type, or repeat the same project (typically with a different Limit).

Clicking "-" removes the "set" row (only active if more than one "set" row is present).

IDs Whitespace-delimited IDs can be uploaded (like in 2way's 2way-Limit by ID parameter). This tool accepts IDs for any event type, including

genes and alternative splicing events. If multiple event types are supplied in different "set" rows then these IDs will apply to the first row (but multiple event types are not yet supported in version 0.1).

Stat Choose "levels" to display gene/event levels in each sample, or "changes" to display fold-changes for each comparison.
Clear Sets This button removes all "set" rows except for the first.
width Width of the image in pixels
height Height of the image in pixels