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ExpressionPlot was written by Brad Friedman while a postdoc in Tom Maniatis' Lab.


The following bioinformaticians have been instrumental in testing and identifying bugs as well as ongoing general conversations about RNA-Seq analysis:

Some of their specific contributions are listed in the changelog.

Bench Scientists

Many bench scientists contributed data or suggestions during its development:

  • Barres Lab (Stanford):
    • John Cahoy
    • Jennifer Zamanian
  • Cleveland Lab (UCSD):
    • Christian Lobsiger
  • Makeyev Lab (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • Maniatis Lab (Harvard and Columbia):
    • Monica Carrasco
    • Weisheng Chen
    • Isaac Chiu
    • Emiko Morimoto
    • Sze-Ling Ng
    • Hemali Phatnani
    • Stefanie Schalm
  • Ravits Lab (Benaroya Research Institute, Seattle)


The Burge Lab (MIT) hosted our prototype server and the Housman Lab hosted me for over a year while I worked on this project. Thanks to Eureka Solutions, Inc. for hosting the server, including the blog, version and add-on repository, changelogs and this User's Guide.